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As the founder of “Your First 3 Hours” (YF3) Academy, I really love a good introduction to a topic. In my experience it saves time and allows you to become productive quickly. The underlying idea of YF3 is to create starter courses with extremely applicable knowledge that points you in the right direction. If we do this well, the experience will help you bypass common beginner hurdles and stumbling blocks.

I understand that professionals come from diverse backgrounds – design, development, product management, and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned digital professional seeking to expand your expertise or a newcomer to this realm, my courses will help you along your professional journey, with a priority on the practical and immediately applicable.

Through courses like “Your First 3 Hours with Figma for Developers,” I empower you to leverage powerful design platforms like Figma, enabling more effective collaboration with designers and streamlined workflows. Additionally, my “Your First 3 Hours - Web Essentials” course equips you with a solid foundation in modern web design principles, allowing you to create engaging, user-friendly digital experiences across various devices and platforms.

For my Jamaican audience, there's a unique set of challenges when it comes to processing payments online. Some of the options available to our North American neighbours just aren’t available for us in Jamaica. My “Your First 3 Hours with Ezeepayments and Ecwid” course aims to reduce the guesswork for Jamaican digital professionals who want to adopt a well tested and trusted platform that's compatible with Jamaican financial institutions.

What else?

I'm working on some other courses that might interest your. These include: “Your First 3 Hours with Webflow” and “Your First 3 Hours of UI Design with Figma”.

Whether you're a designer, developer, product manager, or any other professional I hope you’ll embrace the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow with us. Sign up to be alerted so that “Your First 3 Hours” can help you get going on your next big thing!

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